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In loving memory of Daryl

2002- July 8 2016

It is with a very heavy and sad heart that we share that Daryl, age 13, crossed the rainbow bridge this afternoon.

Just three months after losing his brother and Helping Paws Healing Hearts co worker, Daryl left us all with a hole in our hearts.

 Daryl had a quickly growing tumor that over the past few weeks had left him in pain and losing the ability to walk.

Daryl lived an amazing life and we are so blessed to have had this incredible, kind and loving dog for almost 14 years!

He was our ⩧inal䨥rapy dog becoming the first of our three dogs to begin ﲫing䯠touch the lives of others.

He touched countless lives, ﭡuthored튉 three books, had numerous television appearances and media articles written about him.

Daryl was sent to love others and he did it well and all with an endless spirit of giving.

The morning he was to leave us, we were blessed to be able read to our daughter, the book Daryl helped us ⩴e᢯ut when your pet dies.

 Daryl was giving to others up until the moment he left us making sure we all understood that he was going to be fine and making sure those left behind were comforted.

Addie never left his side for the past week and she also 䨡t her brother was ready to go.

 Thanks for being a part of this amazing journey with us all for the past 13 years. Helping Paws Healing Hearts was founded based on Daryl and Larryଯve for the community and others.

Thanks for loving on them and supporting them!

 Love and Blessings!

Amy, Wes, Mary Elizabeth and Addie

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In loving memory of Larry



Larry crossed the rainbow bridge on
Monday, April 4
th, 2016.

Larry touched countless  lifes  in his 13 years and was a blessing to many.

We were truly blessed to be able to share this amazing dog with our community.

Larry taught us to Listen, to Love, to have Perseverance, to have Courage.

 He will be greatly missed!



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 September 30 and October 1, 2016

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