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Character Tales

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Read 20 Hamilton County Fair

Larry and Daryl enjoying the Fair

Read 20 and the 2nd Graders from Hickory Valley Christian

Great Listeners

Daryl loves sharing Character Tales

Daryl and the children listen to Character Tales

Read 20 is a wonderful program

What fun we had reading Character Tales


Larry and Daryl say Hello

Daryl and his Favorite Yellow Ball

Go Vols!

We are Patriotic

Happy Birthday to You and Me

Stop and take time to smell

Just chillin with our mom

Ah...Life is Good

Hey..what did you say?

Life is Good!

Larry and his favorite chewing bone

Larry says, "what did you say"?

We love a Good Book!

Dirt is Fun!!!

We love the snow..but only for a few minutes then we are COLD!!!

Handsome Daryl in the Snow

Larry loves Spring Flowers

We always enjoying meeting new friends..Museum Center Book Signing

Helping Paws..Healing Hearts

Larry enjoys a quiet moment

Check out our book..It is GREAT

Daryl loves going to school

Larry on a cold Tennessee day

Daryl loves to play ball

Daryl..always ready to play

Larry takes a break in Gatlinburg

Buy our book..we will Paw-to-graph it

Paws 4 Fitness..Fitness is important

Get some exercise today

We had a great time judging the coloring contest

Officer West is our friend

Thanks SRO's for all the hard work you do

Taking a break in Nashville

Larry enjoying a Tennessee snow

Snow day..Play day