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Hi this is my page - DARYL - I Hope You Like it!!

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Hi and welcome to my page. My name is Daryl and I am 13 years old. I am part black lab and part really sweet dog. My parents, Amy & Wes, rescued me when I was about one and a half years old. I have had a great life. I am older now and move a bit slower!

I do still love to visit schools, nursing homes, after-school programs and just about anywhere that someone is in need of love! I love helping people. I am very kind and gentle. I am also very tender hearted and do not like to see anyone or any animal be sad.

My twin brother Larry is my buddy. We have spent 10 years of our lives working together in our community. We love our life. We have a little sister, Addie. She is five years old. She is pretty hyper, but very sweet.

I love to play. I love to have a stuffed animal or a ball to play with at all times.

I am a pretty lucky dog. I even have a book written about the time I got lost. You can read about this adventure in our book,
 Character Tales - Learning to Respect the Rules.

A poem About Daryl:

Daryl is a black dog.

He likes to run, play and fetch.

Daryl digs toys for all the girls and boys.

His favorite toy is the purple penguin!

Composed by the students in Pre-K and Headstart
Blythe-Bower Elementary School
Ms. Minnie and Ms. Kristy


Helping Dog

Daryl is a dog, but much more than a dog

He is a friend who likes to help kids learn

He is gentle and smart

Daryl helps people and kids to be good.

Written by Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students
Unity Center, Cleveland, Tennessee

Click Here to hear a song about Daryl & Larry
Written by Kindergarten Students at Blythe Bower Elementary
Teacher  Lori Sentell
Music Composer & Audio Technician:  Zig Wajler
Musical Director  Gloria Scott-Richmond