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Hello, I hope you enjoy my page - Larry!!!

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My name is Larry and I am thirteen years old. I am part black lab and part really sweet dog.  When I was young I was hit by a car and broke my leg, but it is all better now. It still hurts me sometimes, but I have perseverance and just keep going.

I have been blessed to spend my life helping others. Now that I am older, I am a bit slower and do not visit as much but I do love working and meeting new people. I get to go to lots of fun places. I especially love meeting boys and girls in schools. They are always fun to be around. I teach them a really important lesson: Larry says Listen! You see, if you canít listen, then you really canít learn. I am pretty well known for Larry says Listen.

I am pretty funny according to my family. I like to hold a ball or a bone in my mouth pretty much all of the time. I like to dig, especially moles in the ground. I am very afraid of storms and loud noises. I have a twin brother Daryl and a little sister named Addie. I love playing with them. We are all best friends.


I AM Poem

Written and composed by Ms. Emily and Mr. Kellen's Class
Day Treatment Center Class

I am Larry

I am a cool black and white dog

I am funny and caring

I care about people and kids

I worry about loud noises and storms

I am a cool black and white dog

Larry is turning gray with each passing day.

Larry is big and sweet.

He is Respectful and does not lick your feet.

He likes to play with a ball,

He is happy and funny and wags his tail,

And boy does he wear bandanas well.

Composed and Written by:

Students in Mrs. Duncan and
Mrs. Bunchís classes at Cleveland Middle School

February 2009


Larry is loveable.

Larry is very gentle and black.

Larry is very kind to kids.

He likes to eat apples.

When he comes to school,

he makes us laugh and giggle.

Written by Cleveland Middle School
CDC/Extended Resource Classes
Teachers:  Mary Lynn West & Mindy Gamble

Click Here to hear a song about Daryl & Larry
Written by Kindergarten Students at Blythe Bower Elementary
Teacher  Lori Sentell
Music Composer & Audio Technician:  Zig Wajler
Musical Director  Gloria Scott-Richmond

On May 17, 2008, Larry attended Pet a Poolooza in Suwanee, Georgia. This was a wonderful event with numerous pet vendors promoting and selling their product. Larry enjoyed meeting many new dog friends as well as promoting his book, Character Tales!